Getter/Setters in CreateJS

One of the things we have always wanted to add to CreateJS was more support for getter/setter properties. This has some limitations for libraries that need to support older browsers, so this was bumped to our “nice to have” list … Continue reading →

WebGL Support in EaselJS

As WebGL becomes more widely supported in browsers, we’re proud to announce that after working in collaboration with Mozilla, a shiny new WebGL renderer for EaselJS is now in early beta! Following research, internal discussions, and optimizations, we’ve managed to pump out … Continue reading →

NodeJS support for EaselJS

A few months back, one of our developers ported EaselJS to run on Node using a 3rd-party drawing API. This provides a server-side solution for rendering EaselJS content. This could be used for something like generating images for a user … Continue reading →

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