CreateJS Update: New website and releases

The CreateJS team has been working really hard on lots of things, and we are excited to announce a major release milestone!

New library release
The entire suite of libraries has received a dot-update, and are now available in both GitHub, and the CreateJS CDN. We have packed this release with a ton of new features, enhancements, and some huge rewrites. Notable updates include:

  • Entire Suite: A brand new inheritance model, and major performance increases across the board.
  • EaselJS 0.8.0: Major updates to Graphics, performance enhancements on filters, performance & unit tests, and time-based animation on MovieClip.
  • TweenJS 0.6.0: Inclusion of the EaselJS Ticker as part of the library, and lots of bug fixes.
  • SoundJS 0.6.0: A big internal rewrite, getter/setters, unit tests, and lots of bug fixes.
  • PreloadJS 0.6.0: An awesome refactor to externalize loaders, bug fixes, and a new SpriteSheetLoader.

As usual, we have provided a minified and combined version of the entire suite on the CDN.

Visit GitHub to access the libraries, and check out the VERSIONS.txt in each repository for a full list of what has changed. The updates are compatible with Flash Pro CC’s HTML5 Canvas export, and should be part of the next Flash Pro release.

A new website
A brand new site has been deployed at We felt that the library has matured a lot, and deserved a new design that better reflected that.

  • Brand new simplified iconography
  • A responsive design with much better mobile support
  • Easy access to demos, documentation, downloads, and quick-start information
  • A demo “editor”, which allows live editing of the demos on the site Version 2.0

We have also updated this blog, CDN, and CreateJS documentation with the same aesthetic.

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  1. Great stuff team! Are there known incompatibilities with iPad 1 / iOS5? The previous builds seem to have worked ok, these do not. Even the new site crashes repeatedly on my iPad 1. I realize we may be able to drop support for those devices soon…but if it’s an easy fix…

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