CreateJS in 2014: An amazing year!

CreateJS had an amazing year in 2014! We launched new versions of all the libraries, new branding, a new site, and a new community plan.

Usage has grown in leaps and bounds. In Dec 2013, the CreateJS CDN had about 300M hits per month to the libraries. One year later, we are seeing five times that number: 1.5 billion hits per month (that’s over 2M hits per hour!). This is even more impressive given that the VAST majority of sites we’ve sampled using the libraries do not use our CDN (<10%). I'm also really excited to see the adoption by the creative community. Half of all FWA Site of the Month award winners in 2014 used at least one CreateJS library, and I’m amazed daily by the cool games, apps, experiences, and experiments people are building with the libraries.

Tooling continues to improve, with Flash Pro CC integrating CreateJS as a first class publish profile (HTML5 Canvas), and continuing to add new features.

From a library development perspective, we had a slow start in 2014. Our core dev team, the amazing crew at, was eyeballs deep in some very cool client projects, and time was tight. Once things settled down to a more normal level of craziness, we were able to pull together the largest updates to the libraries to date, with major under-the-hood improvements, lots of new features, and even a ground-up rebuild of PreloadJS to be more flexible, robust, and future proof. The core team also had a ton of help from the community, including a record number of accepted pull requests.

As we head into 2015, and start planning for the v1.0 releases of the libraries, I invite our awesome community to get even more involved. Submit feature requests, bug reports, and pull requests via GitHub. Chat with the community and share your work on our new subreddit. Or, ask and answer difficult problems on StackOverflow.

Thanks again for all the support! Have a Happy New Year and keep creating beautiful things!!

Grant Skinner

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