New versions of CreateJS released!

We are happy to announce another dot-release of the CreateJS suite. This release adds a number of feature updates and bug fixes to the libraries, as well as updates to the unit tests, examples, and tutorials.

What’s New

Notable improvements in the new version include:

  • Documentation improvements and fixes throughout
  • Minified builds now keep full class names to assist with debugging
  • StrokeDash support in EaselJS Graphics
  • Added ThresholdFilter to EaselJS extras
  • Added a minified lib “webgl-NEXT.min.js” for SpriteStage and SpriteContainer classes
  • New unit tests in TweenJS
  • Added support for loading files without extensions, or multiple paths for different file formats to help support CDN-based files
  • Added PhoneGap/Cordova SoundJS plugin
  • Added support for default play properties on sound instances

You can find the latest versions in the CreateJS GitHub repositories, and the CreateJS CDN. Please check out the VERISONS.txt in each repository for a full list of changes.

Thanks to everyone who has used CreateJS, contributed ideas or pull requests, reported issues on GitHub, joined the discussion on Reddit, or participated in issue resolution on!

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  1. Hi there,

    I’m developing a game in Createjs and just updated the suite from 2014.12.12 to 2015.05.21. I run into problems preloading the images with new version (it works fine with the 2014.12.12 version).

    It seems that the complete event is not triggered when I test the game on a 2G and Regular 3G connection within the device simulator in the developer tools of Chrome. Faster connections like 4G are working fine. I use loader.setMaxConnections(50); With setMaxConnections (1) it works fine in both versions but results in a much slower preloading.

    Any help is appreciated!

  2. This issue has been around for months, I’ve asked about it numerous times but it’s still borked in the new versions!! Annoying to say the least.

    • Is there a bug logged on the GitHub repository? I would be happy to look into it. Sorry if this has not been addressed yet.

    • I don’t think Adobe will update the CS6 export panel. You might be able to sub in the newer libraries, but I think there have been breaking changes that could cause issues. You will need to update to Flash CC to get the latest and greatest.

  3. Sorry to use the blog to report a problem but days are passing and I’m running out of ideas.

    A rectangle is created, rotated and then cached so that it can operate as an AlphaMaskFilter on a bitmap. No matter what I try, the resulting bitmap looks as though the rectangle mask has no rotation.

    Someone, please help me before I lose my marbles!!

  4. hi,I have took over a Website optimization task, the code is written by others, using the latest library, there are hundreds of pictures( , and then rely on fingers slide show from page to page, the problem is that the FPS is low in some Android moblie with native browser ,I have try lots of ideas to optimiz this problem ,but seems not good enough.Do you have any Suggestions on the optimization?
    thanks a lot

    • Text support in canvas is very limited, and slow. It is recommended to use HTML elements, and control positioning and transformation using the DOMElement class. Check out the DOMElement example in the EaselJS GitHub.

    • These are just JavaScript behaviours, such as using a file input type, or drag and drop in the browser. CreateJS/EaselJS may handle a lot of the display logic that Flash/AS3 had, but is not meant to replace the full set of ActionScript/AIR behaviours.

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