CreateJS Sees Explosive Growth!

We just pulled the most recent stats for the CreateJS CDN (, and it’s really exciting to see how quickly usage is growing.

Three months ago, the CDN had 31M hits in 30 days. That number very roughly approximates the number of unique users who accessed content built using CreateJS libraries. It’s approximate because some content will use more than one library, some users will have cached versions of the library from one month to the next (or may not cache the libraries correctly), many sites choose to host the libraries on their own servers or CDNs, and of course content in apps or digital publishing embeds local copies of the libraries.

Line graph using CreateJS.

Regardless of exactly how that 31M hits translates into usage, what’s more interesting is looking at the growth over time. Two months ago, the number of hits in a 30 day period increased 72% to 57M. One month ago, that number jumped by 60% to 91M hits. This month, it shot up an astounding 78% to reach 162M hits in 30 days. That’s an increase of over 5X in just 4 months!

We’ve seen a similar growth in community activity in that time. As one great example, the user group has had over 100 people registered for both of their first two meet-ups, and they are now working on a Japanese translation of the documentation.

Everyone working on CreateJS is very excited and humbled to see this expansion. It’s one thing to build a set of libraries that solve some of your own needs, but it’s truly awesome to work on something that can help others create amazing things.

Heartfelt thanks to our fantastic community, all of our developers and contributors, and of course our wonderful sponsors: Microsoft, AOL, and Adobe (who also builds the Toolkit for CreateJS and picks up the tab for the CDN hosting!). We’re excited to see what else people do with the libraries, and will keep trying to improve them to empower you to Create amazing things with JS.

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  1. Jorge, I never used Flash, and I’m completely new to HTML5 development. I used SDL and DirectX before. I picked CreateJS because library has good documentation, has great feature set and is easy to use.

    Although, I host my own .js files, and I’m sure some other developers to do, so usage is even higher.


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