Article: Building Atari with CreateJS

In August 2012, we successfully launched a project we are very proud of, the Atari Arcade. We used CreateJS extensively to provide a suite of re-imagined games, including an SDK that enables developers to build and submit their own games. If you are a follower of our work (or just Grant), then you may have already read about it on our blog.
CreateJS Atari Lockup
With the project launch, we put a lot of work into a set of articles on the developer center, including one that showcases how we used CreateJS, including some inline code samples, live examples, and some tips and tricks to get great performance out of CreateJS and Canvas.

Check out the full article here!

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  1. @Jack

    Any updates to the Atari SDK will be at Atari’s discretion – we do not have any plans to do any ourselves.

    You can swap in the new libraries, and they should work fine. We did our best to keep the API changes minimal, and kept the deprecated functions in to maintain some level of backwards compatibility. Let us know if you run into any problems!

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