Mozilla Sponsors CreateJS

We’re absolutely thrilled to welcome Mozilla in joining Adobe, Microsoft, and AOL to the roster of CreateJS sponsors!

We’ve been working with the Firefox OS team to ensure our libraries are well-supported and valuable tools for app and game creation on Firefox OS.

The first big announcement as a result of this collaboration, is WebGL Support for EaselJS (currently in public beta on GitHub), which is supported in both the browser and application contexts of Firefox OS (as well as other WebGL-enabled browsers). In our tests, we’ve managed to to draw a subset of 2D content up to 50x faster than is currently possible on the Canvas 2D Context.

Welcome Mozilla, and a huge thank-you to all our amazing sponsors!

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  2. hello,
    The use of CreatJS in iOS7, the following error occurred: [WebCoreSharedBufferData getBytes:range:]: range {0, 8}, leads to errors in the program crashes similar in Google last year, there are other third party JS library, also have occurred, but in the Internet to see that they have been resolved, I sincerely hope that you can solve, probably because PNG picture caused

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