EaselJS Version 0.8.2 released

To coincide with the new version of Flash Pro (renamed Adobe Animate CC), we have tagged new versions of each library in CreateJS.

This release is mainly a minor bug and documentation update, but there is one important update: The EaselJS minified file(s) now include the MovieClip class, which was previously minified in its own file. This means MovieClip is now part of the combined minified files, found on the CreateJS CDN. This will hopefully enable Adobe Animate CC to include a single CreateJS script when publishing, instead of up to 5 separate ones.

All libraries have been updated in GitHub and added to the CreateJS CDN. Check out the VERSIONS.txt in each repository for a full list of what has changed.

As always, if you find bugs, have suggestions, feel free to log them on the GitHub issue list (like this list for EaselJS). We also encourage you to ask and answer questions on StackOverflow, and start a discussion on Reddit.

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    • The blog activity is a reflection of how busy our team has been. We hope to post an update shortly with a 2017 roadmap, and once our next release is ready, there should be a few things to chat about. Appreciate the push!

  1. shape_container=new createjs.Container();

    shape=new createjs.Shape();
    stage.update(); //if exec stage.update() at here, the linewidth look like 1.

    • Adobe only uses official tagged versions, which we haven’t released in a while. We are wrapping up the next version soon, and hope to see it in an upcoming Animate release. Stay tuned!

  2. really appreciate ur great work. one question,will the coming version support webgl?I want to dev a h5 game with easejs, it will run in the mobile, so i need a stuff support gpu rendering.

    • The latest version will definitely support WebGL using the new `StageGL` replacement for the Stage class. A number of features (mainly text and Graphics) won’t be supported out of the box (only via caching), but it is much faster, more flexible, and easier to use than the older SpriteStage/SpriteContainer approach.

  3. 首先感谢你们的库。但是使用中遇到了一个苦恼的问题。Animate CC 2017 导出的动画(js、png),在初始化加载的时候会瞬间卡顿一下。

    • First of all thank you for your library.But problems encountered a distress in use.The Animate CC 2017 export animation (js, PNG), at the time of initial loading will instantly caton.

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