CreateJS: Updates to Libraries

Today we are extremely excited to announce the launch of new versions of the CreateJS libraries.

We have worked hard to improve the reliability and performance of the libraries, and significant changes have been made throughout.

In particular, PreloadJS has had a complete overhaul (don’t panic it’s still very easy to implement), and we are thrilled with the addition of WebAudio support to SoundJS, which now allows full audio support to iOS devices.

Highlights include:

  • An improved event model integrated into all libraries. The new EventDispatcher replaces the old-skool callback approach, and paves the way for a much more robust interaction model.
  • A new build process for minified files and documentation, including shiny new docs with loads of samples, an a command-line option to build the library with whitespace.
  • Lots of fixes and minor features to EaselJS, such as a ButtonHelper, custom cursor support, and SpriteSheet improvements
  • Improved local and cross-domain loading in PreloadJS, as well as improved handling of XML, CSS, JSON, and JavaScript.
  • A revised plugin model in TweenJS, and a MotionGuide plugin to support animating objects along bezier curves.

For a full list of changes, check out the VERSIONS.txt file in each repository.

New versions have been posted to the Adobe CDN, including a brand new minfied version of the entire suite. Note that it may take a few hours to propagate to your location.

Over the past few months we have been listening to community feedback, and feel that these changes are inline with the high quality and standards that past versions have established. As always we welcome all your feedback and comments.

Don’t forget to bookmark us and check back often, and follow @createjs on twitter for announcements.

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    • Hi Jordi (and anyone who knows),

      N00b question but. I just upgraded the createjs libraries to the latest version (NEXT) and while everything compiles nicely when running a toolkit 1.0 (old) project by doing minor namespace changes, no image is displayed (and they are getting loaded because they all appear through debugger tools)

      Is it possible that I’ll have to wait until Adobe releases the toolkit that is compatible with the latest libraries or is there some sort of workaround that I’m missing?

      Any help is appreciated.
      The reason why I think I may be missing something is because the readme in the new createjs reads: “This will also make CreateJS libraries compatible with old content that did not use a namespace, such as the output from the Flash Pro Toolkit for CreateJS v1.0.”

  1. When will the Flash Pro library update be released? We are over a month and the wait is going to done me in!!! Argghhh… too late.

    Well, now back to the real world. It is painful waiting for such a great update. Any idea would be awesome. Is there a beta?

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