CreateJS : How to get started!

We have gotten great questions from community members (keep them coming). In response to these questions, we have put together a series of tutorials. These tutorials cover a wide range of topics from simple concepts such as rendering a display object, to more complex like using inheritance to extend a EaselJS object to create a simple interactive button class.

These tutorials, including functional demos are available in the “tutorials” folder of each repository. So far we only have a limited set of EaselJS tutorials, but we plan on adding many more.

  • Getting Started
  • Animation and Ticker
  • Inheritance
  • Mouse Interaction

I would encourage you to have a look at these tutorials as they are a good basis for getting started with EaselJS.

A few other tips to get you going:

  • Check out the documentation. We have recently updated the docs with lots of helpful descriptions and code samples. (EaselJSTweenJSSoundJS, and PreloadJS). Docs are also included in each GitHub repository.
  • Look through the examples. In addition to the demos posted on for each library, there are lots more in the examples folder in each GitHub repository.
  • Post questions, share feedback, and show your latest project on our We have also included some knowledge base articles for commonly asked questions.

Good luck!

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  1. i really wish you’d update the tutorials on the site or post new ones , most of the tutorials don’t work , due to deprecated class methods , though i downloaded the latest libraries form github still a lot of examples don’t run , i even get javascript errors in the Easlejs and Tweenjs files when testing with firefox in web console

    • @Jimmy

      Can you be more specific? We updated all the demos and tutorials the same time we released everything in February.

      What is not working? What errors are you seeing?


  2. It really would be helpful if you’d say explicitly that in order to get started and see any of the tutorials or other stuff for beginners, one must first download the repository from GitHub. And actually this seems a little odd, since beginners might prefer to use the CDN and might not even know what GitHub is.

    • Thanks for the feedback Dan, we’ll keep that in mind. We have also created a “Getting Started with CreateJS” video + source (which is available on our newly created Sandbox repo) that we believe beginners would benefit from

      Have a look and let us know what you think.


  3. hi _ sorry to bother you with this but i can’t seem to find any reference to it anywhere on search engines _ is CreateJS workable with Adobe CS4 in any way and if so could you link me to something that will get me started?
    i have already encountered the .zxp file which appears to be opened by CS5 Extension Manager but i’m not at CS5 yet : (
    anyway_ any instruction you guys have on this would be a great help_ even if it’s just to tell me that CS4 & CreateJS are not compatible at all _
    many thanks

    • @maik No, unfortunately Adobe had to add a ton of support to CS6 in order to make a lot of the Flash Pro timeline & animation features possible for conversion to CreateJS.

  4. Hi, I intend to use EaselJS for my project, which is a website for designing houses (floors, rooms, drag and drop equipments, etc.) and I’m still a beginner.
    Why don’t you put on youtube more tutorials, it’s better for us beginners to actually see things than have lines of codes.
    Another thing, I found that all tutorials on CreateJS are about games, so … :( I think I’m in trouble.

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