EaselJS Version 0.8.2 released

To coincide with the new version of Flash Pro (renamed Adobe Animate CC), we have tagged new versions of each library in CreateJS.

This release is mainly a minor bug and documentation update, but there is one important update: The EaselJS minified file(s) now include the MovieClip class, which was previously minified in its own file. This means MovieClip is now part of the combined minified files, found on the CreateJS CDN. This will hopefully enable Adobe Animate CC to include a single CreateJS script when publishing, instead of up to 5 separate ones.

All libraries have been updated in GitHub and added to the CreateJS CDN. Check out the VERSIONS.txt in each repository for a full list of what has changed.

As always, if you find bugs, have suggestions, feel free to log them on the GitHub issue list (like this list for EaselJS). We also encourage you to ask and answer questions on StackOverflow, and start a discussion on Reddit.

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